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Women's Nike Athletic Shoes

Tie up your shoes and get moving in a pair of women's Nike athletic shoes. Shop the collection of Nike athletic shoes for women's styles for all your active pursuits. Look for running shoes, training shoes, and lightweight comfort shoes to stand up to your next workout. Nike makes athletic shoes for athletic women and you will find a pair that works for you at JCPenney. Choose the Nike shoe sale section to find a pair of black shoes that suits your style.

Running Shoes

JCPenney has a selection of women's Nike running shoes that can keep you going. Look for Nike Air Max and Nike Flex styles in black or other colors with the trademark swoosh. Keep your feet in comfort as you perfect your run. Nike women's running shoes can take whatever you can hand out. Pick a pair that can stand up to your run or active workout. Lace up those shoes and get moving with women's Nike running shoes from JCPenney.


A good pair of lightweight running shoes is essential for a successful run. Nike women's athletic shoes are made lightweight and functional to stand up to your hardest workout. JCPenney has just the lightweight Nike running shoes you need to keep going and going day after day. Comfort for your feet helps make an active lifestyle easier. You'll find the women's Nike athletic shoes you need in the JCPenney shoe sale selection. A pair of lightweight shoes in black will go with any workout wear and take you through your run right to the end.

Training Shoes

Whether you are running outdoors or training in the gym, you'll need a good pair of training shoes to support your feet through the workout. The JCPenney selection of women's Nike athletic shoes has a pair or training shoes for you. Choose a pair in black to go with any workout gear, or pick a more colorful pair. Whatever your needs in training shoes, you'll find Nike women's athletic shoes that suit you at JCPenney. Stay active, and stay out there in your new Nike training shoes from JCPenney.

Slide Sandals

Easy to wear slide sandals are a footwear essential for any active woman. Find Nike slide sandals with easy and comfortable styling at JCPenney. Black slide sandals are perfect for quick trips or ultra casual occasions. Choose a pair of simple slide sandals from the JCPenney collection of women's Nike athletic shoes and keep your feet happy. Perfect for active people looking for an easy and casual sandal, Nike slide sandals fit the bill.

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