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Women's Athletic Shoes on Clearance

One thing that's better than finding the perfect athletic shoe is to find athletic shoes on clearance. Pick your favorite pair from our vast assortment of all the styles of athletic shoes you need. Whether you're a marathon runner or a hiker, mom or student, you'll find the right ones for all the things you love to do, and the price will be just right.

Best Shoe Brands on Clearance

After you determine the support, cushion, and style you prefer, you can find the brand that provides exactly what you need. JCPenney has quite a few clearance women's athletic shoes from Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Skechers, Converse, and more.

Styles of Clearance Athletic Shoes

Whether you're an athlete or someone who enjoys the ultimate comfort of an athletic shoe, it's time to stock up while the price is right. In addition to running shoes and walking shoes, JCPenney has training shoes, sandals, and comfy sneakers on clearance.

Clearance Shoe Sizes and Colors

As you peruse our collection of clearance athletic shoes, you'll see a vast range of women's sizes, from 5 to 12. We even have limited numbers in sizes 4 and 13. You'll also find shoes in your favorite colors, including white, black, pink, blue, and more. Whether you like to match your outfit or make a color statement with your shoes, JCPenney has clearance footwear just for you. There's no reason to be bored with your footwear when you can pick up some athletic shoes in exciting colors on clearance.

Working Out in Style

You should feel confident when you work out. So whether you're jogging, working out at the gym, power walking, doing yoga, or dancing, you can feel good about your shoes. And you'll feel even better when you realize you're saving a boatload of money on the highest quality athletic footwear on the market.

Quality and Value at JCPenney

When you shop at JCPenney, you know you're getting the best value. Of course, you want quality products, and we want you to have them. We're constantly bringing in new shoes, and we have to make room for them. So we're passing the savings to you with this great clearance sale on so many of our athletic shoes. With such great prices and so many different styles and colors to choose from, go ahead and pick up several pairs to accommodate all of your footwear needs.

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