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Buy Beautiful Women's Black Boots

Many people assert that a woman's closet isn't complete without at least one black dress, but the same could be said for a pair of women's black boots. Impressively versatile, this type of footwear helps you look and feel great while working, relaxing, and doing everything in between.

Step Out in Stupendous Black Booties

If you've had a hard time deciding whether to buy a pair of women's black boots or shoes of the same color, you understand why footwear designers started creating shooties. A cross between a bootie and a shoe, these low-cut styles let you show off a bare-ankle look that is easily enhanced with an anklet or colorful pair of tights.

Find cool options through JCPenney that have see-through sections, wide straps, delicate laces, and shiny zippers. Want to draw attention to a well-done pedicure? Pick out a pair of peep-toe shooties and wait for the praise from friends and strangers.

Waterproof and Rain Boots for Any Weather

Rainy days sometimes tempt you to stay inside with a warm blanket, good book, and cup of chamomile tea. But life doesn't always make those types of leisurely activities possible when the weather doesn't cooperate. Compensate for stepping outdoors by investing in a pair of women's black boots with excellent waterproof features.

Some of the choices available from JCPenney have fully rubberized exteriors. When you go through a few too many mud puddles, you can easily hose them off for hassle-free cleaning. These durable rain boots are also great if you spend time on a farm and need to keep the bottoms of your pants dry while tending to animals.

Other footwear options include buckles and laces that help you enjoy a snug fit while offering necessary support and preventing rain from getting into your shoes. All the rain boots in the JCPenney collection have sturdy soles with textured grooves that grip the ground and keep you steady on your feet despite slippery conditions. After purchasing these weather-ready women's black boots, you may decide a rainproof environment isn't as appealing after all.

Women's Black Boot Styles and Options

At JCPenney, you can easily discover a range of footwear for all occasions. You can also explore footwear that keeps your feet comfortable. Pick out a pair with memory foam inserts that treat your feet to comfort during extended periods of walking or standing. Check out wide-calf styles as well. They're particularly appealing if you're shopping for over-the-knee women's black boots or high-rise riding boots. Lightweight boots are also available.

Click around on our JCPenney website at your convenience and use the helpful search filters to keep your finds focused.

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