Embrace a Rugged Look While Wearing Women's Combat Boots

Once worn exclusively by members of the military, women's combat boots are fixtures of the fashion scene, too. Sturdy and stylish, they help you highlight your inner strength by showcasing exciting footwear that gets noticed.

Pick Out Your Favorite Color

Black may be the hue most often associated with women's combat boots, but it's not the only option. At JCPenney, browse colorful possibilities. Whether you go with a soft gray, neutral tan, or a pair with multiple colors within a pattern, all those possibilities and more are available.

When deciding how to combine these boots with beloved outfits, remember that it's OK to mix and match complementing shades. A pink V-neck T-shirt and white capri pants may look great with gray combat boots, while footwear with several colors or a less common shade always looks fantastic with a pair of blue denim jeans.

Choose From Among Boots With Ties, Buckles, and Straps

After you've decided to put a pair of women's combat boots on your shopping list, think about some other considerations. Do you want footwear with laces, straps, or both options?

Some of the boots in the JCPenney collection have a D-ring lacing design, which enables you to thread shoelaces through the holes when needed. Laces give good support from the top of the foot through the ankle area. Lacing works well if you often wear socks of various thicknesses and want to enjoy versatility when achieving a snug fit.

You may also go with women's combat boots with buckles on the sides. Even when they're only for looks, these extras give a bold touch that complements other accessories you may wear, such as a cuff bracelet or a watch with a wide leather band.

JCPenney also has cool boots with straps strategically sewn onto them, such as across the top of the foot or on the side of the shoes. Can't pick only one of these stylish extras? Some footwear includes all three of these features.

Feel Confident on Demanding Terrain

One of the most helpful features about women's combat boots is how they have thick, thoroughly textured soles. These characteristics not only fit with the generally bold appearance of the footwear, but they also give you a sure-footed stance when dealing with slick surfaces ranging from wet leaves to snowy asphalt.

Browse the range of women's combat boots available from JCPenney now and appreciate how rewarding it is to shop from home and discover footwear you can't pass up. And don't forget that all purchases over $99 ship free to anywhere in the United States — just in case you need another excuse to splurge on your footwear.

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