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Skechers Sandals for Women in Every Style

Skechers sandals are known for being comfortable, durable, and incredibly versatile, as well as for fusing that functionality with eye-catching designs. JCPenney has a wide variety of Skechers sandals for women in every style you want and every size you need. Take a look at our selection for the perfect casual and everyday sandal. Here's an overview of our main women's sandal styles.

Strap Sandals are a Go-to Shoe

Strap sandals from Skechers make a great walking shoe. Straps over the top of the foot and often around the heel hold the shoe in place whether you are kicking back and relaxing, running around doing errands, or even doing some light hiking. This makes strap sandals among the most versatile of sandal designs. They can be your go-to shoe for all sorts of activities and casual occasions.

Elevate Your Look with Wedge Sandals

A dressier option that will instantly elevate your look, wedge sandals also provide excellent comfort and stability as you walk. They are a great choice for everything from a casual lunch to a stroll around the park. With the right pair of wedges, you can run out of the house looking put-together every time. Pair them with a sundress for a super easy and complete outfit.

Keep it Casual with Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are the most casual type of sandal, ideal for the pool or the beach because of how easy they are to slip on and off. Skechers flip-flops come in a range of styles to match your beach or pool wear, with treaded soles that provide plenty of cushioning for the feet so that you can also enjoy a walk.

Slide Sandals & Footbed Sandals

If you prefer a shoe that feels a little more secure but still offers the ease of a flip-flop, then a Skechers slide sandal is another great pick for a casual shoe. Because they don't have any heel straps, you can slide your foot right in or out. Slide sandals are also ideal for the beach, the pool, or some light walking.

For the ultimate in comfort, choose a Skechers footbed sandal. These sandals are designed to conform to the contours of your feet for extra support where you need it. After a few times wearing them, they will feel like they were made just for your feet. A shock-absorbing midsole provides added cushioning.

Find the Right Sandals for Any Occasion at JCPenney

Whether you are looking for a new pair of sandals for running errands or you're shopping for a beach vacation, JCPenney has you covered with our fantastic collection of Skechers women's sandals. Just consider which style of sandals will be best for your needs, select your favorite colors and designs, and you're all set.