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Set your toes free this season with a pair of flip-flops from JCPenney. They’re the best choice of footwear when the temperature is soaring high. You’ll find plenty of options to create endless fashion possibilities from well-known brands like Clarks, Arizona, Mixit, and so much more. Flip-flops are the ultimate footwear when the heat is rising and you’re ready to hit the beach. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and at JCPenney, each one has its own unique style. Also, they’re useful for more than just casual fashion. You can dress them up for a special occasion too. For instance, slip into embellished flip-flops while you head out for an evening party.

Choose Your Style with Women’s Flip-Flops

We all know that women’s flip-flops are about ease – easy to put on and take off. It makes them the perfect companion for a day at the beach. Pair flat flip-flops with a maxi dress for a pretty warm-weather look. Choose them in bright colors to take your style up a notch. Have a casual party to attend? Pair your shorts and a tank top with wedge sandals to make a statement. And when the weather drops, wear your flip-flops with funky toe socks to add your own fashionable flair. You could also check out our entire collection of women's sandals to create endless possibilities. Shop now and shop more to save.

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