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Shop Women's Winter and Rain Boots at JCPenney

As the temperature drops, we all want to slip into our comfort zone - which means it's time for a snuggly winter boot. With JCPenney, make your colder months a little more fashionable with our wide selection of winter and rain boots. Whether you're stomping through the snow or splashing in the rain, all you need is our weather-suitable boots. Think rain boots in vibrant colors for those gloomy days to brave the elements. The tote rain boots are designed with waterproof material to stand against whatever the weather throws at you. Pair them with jeans or trousers, as you can easily tuck the bottom into the boots to stay dry and complete all your errands.

Thinking of heavy boots to combat the snow? Pick insulated winter boots. The faux fur lining inside the shoes will lock the warmth and keep your legs churning. Pick lace-up boots in timeless styles that will add a chic flair to any of your outfits. You could also go for a pair of slip-on boots that are as easy going as you are. When you want cozy yet stylish boots to get through the winter, browse through JCPenney's wide range and never be left out in cold again.