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Get Clarks Shoes Online at JCPenney

JCPenney has a wide selection of women's and men's Clarks shoes. If you're looking for leather all-purpose loafers or Oxfords, dress shoes, or casual lace-ups, Clarks has you covered. Expect insole technology that will cushion your feet and the very best in materials. Browse the collection at JCPenney online today.

When You Want Comfortable Shoes, Turn to Clarks

Sometimes you try on shoes that feel like they weren't made for human feet. Understandably, a lot of people are hesitant to shoe shop online, because buying shoes is already so difficult in person. You've probably felt this, too, unless you've owned a pair of Clarks. The sandals, formal shoes, and casual shoes from Clarks are designed for actual human feet, which will be walking, standing, and sometimes even running while wearing them. When you're sick of shoes that give you blisters or calluses, head to JCPenney.com for Clarks shoes online.

Quality Leather From Clarks

Clarks has been around since 1825 and is still headquartered in England where the brand was founded. The brand's long history should tell you a lot about how successful this shoe manufacturer is at making shoes that fit. When you shop leather shoes at Clarks, expect quality leather upper shoes with synthetic soles and cushioned insoles. Leather Oxfords for men and women from Clarks look great with jeans or dress pants and are appropriate for many occasions.

Dress Shoes That Don't Hurt

Dress shoes for women are notoriously uncomfortable. Whether it's pinched toes, sore soles, or blistered heels, women have to go through a lot to look good in fancy dress. Next time you need a pair of elegant shoes, turn to Clarks. Expect dress shoes with heels high enough to look good but low enough not to mess up your posture too much. Clarks also uses cushioning technology inside the shoe to ensure you stand comfortably no matter how long you're wearing them.

Sandals from Clarks use the same design principles. Quality materials like rubber and leather combine to make shoes that stay on your feet while showing off your toes. Many Clarks wedges look fancy enough to wear with a cocktail dress for a spring or summer party or event.

Clarks Shoes and Boots for Everyone’s Inner Traveler

From slick city streets to rocky mountain paths and the harsh desert trails, a sturdy pair of Clarks shoes will go as far as you will. Whether it’s casual style or versatile functionality you need, there’s a perfect shoe out there. For those sunny and breezy summer afternoons, a pair of simple suede sandals are wonderful for lounging about outside by the pool or in a hammock in the yard. When the weather starts turning chilly, women will absolutely love a pair of gorgeous boots made with buttery soft but sturdy leather to guard against the elements. He’ll turn towards a trusty pair of brown leather loafers and enjoy their timeless good looks and unbeatable comfort!

From street to street or coast to coast, nothing beats having a pair of Clarks on your feet. Journey onward, friends!

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