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Clarks has been around since 1825, and in the brand's long history they’ve been known for making shoes that fit. JCPenney brings you these popular Clarks shoes for men and women that feature sleek designs and offer nothing but comfort. When you shop leather shoes at Clarks, expect quality leather upper shoes with synthetic soles and cushioned insoles. Clarks Leather Oxfords for men and women look great with jeans or dress pants and are appropriate for many occasions. From leather all-purpose loafers and Oxfords to dress shoes and casual lace-ups, Clarks has you covered.

Clarks Shoes and Boots for Everyone

Dress shoes for women can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. Next time you need a pair of elegant shoes, turn to women's Clarks shoes. We have dress shoes with heels high enough to add some lift but low enough keep your feet happy and your posture straight. Clarks also uses cushioning technology inside the shoes to ensure you stand comfortably no matter how long you're wearing them. From slick city streets to boardrooms and even weddings, a sturdy pair of Clarks shoes will go as far as you need it to. Whether it's casual style or versatile functionality you need, there's a perfect shoe out there. For those sunny and breezy afternoons, a pair of simple suede Clarks sandals are wonderful for lounging about outside by the pool or in a hammock in the yard. When the weather starts turning chilly, you’ll absolutely love a pair of gorgeous boots made with buttery soft but sturdy leather to guard against the elements. No matter what you're looking for or need, JCPenney has the perfect pair of Clarks for you.

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