Shop Liz Claiborne Shoes at JCPenney

Let the Liz Claiborne footwear collection take your outfit to the next level. Think elegant wedge sandals with a mesh upper or flat sandals with a cute ankle strap. Or smart loafers and black boots. From work-perfect blocked pumps, beautiful sandals to everyday flats – introduce yourself to a range of Liz Claiborne shoes. All these shoes are made from the choicest of materials to ensure comfort and style. You can pick them from JCPenney in a range of colors at everyday prices.

Beautiful Liz Claiborne Shoes for All

Playful detailing, lively colors, and classic styling make Liz Claiborne shoes anything but ordinary. The timeless style and shape make them super-comfortable. These shoes have an ultra-soft insole to keep your feet cushioned while providing a firm grip. Take your pick from a variety of heel options of low to mid. You can stick to the good old classics like black, white, and brown or move towards trendy colors like sage, taupe, and denim blue. They are available in sizes 5 to 12 for casual and formal occasions.

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