Sensory Friendly

Tagless clothing and flat seams minimize discomfort.

Easy-On, Easy-Off

Quick functionalities like pull-on loops allow effortless dressing.

Adjustable Features

Hook-and-loop- leg openings provide a comfortable fit.

Hidden Access Opening

A hidden abdominal opening allows easy access for medical devices.


Shop Functional Adaptive Clothing for Kids Only at JCPenney

Fashion is a great way for kids to express themselves, but sometimes the clothing they wear can be overwhelming. That's why JCPenney offers a line of stylish adaptive clothing and accessories for kids! The goal of this collection is to accommodate children who have sensory, dexterity, and/or mobility needs. Some of the adaptive features include flat seams, wide necks, and tag free clothing for added comfort throughout the day. Hook and loop fasteners, pull-on loops, adjustable waistbands, and magnetic zippers also make getting dressed easier than ever. We even carry clothing with hidden, easy-access abdominal openings.

Shop from popular brands like Izod and Thereabouts for adaptive T-shirts, polo shirts, and blouses, as well as sweatpants, pull-on shorts, and jeggings. Whatever you need, you'll be able to build the perfect adaptive outfit for your child. And if you're in need of an easy-on easy-off belt to finish the look, check out our collection of adaptive Myself belts with one-handed closures to further promote your child's independence.

Adaptive Accessories to Help Your Child Throughout the Day

In addition to our great collection of adaptive clothing, we have a variety of adaptive accessories for kids from PunkinFutz – from compression vests to promote calmness and emotional self-regulation, to sensory activity sets that come with an assortment of learning toys to help your child practice fine and gross motor skills, social-emotional learning, and language skills. We also have Sesame Street-themed every wheel carry bags that are designed to keep everything your child needs close at hand. They are compatible with wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, and more, so your child will always have their essentials by their side. Shop JCPenney today to find the best kids' adaptive clothes & accessories. Free shipping available online!

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