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Sensory issues are often common in people who are neurodivergent or disabled, which can make a lot of clothing uncomfortable for them. Sometimes the clothing tags are too itchy, or the clothes are somehow too restrictive. Adaptive clothes are a more sensory-friendly option for juniors with autism or who are otherwise neurodivergent or disabled. At JCPenney, we’ve gathered the best adaptive styles that are carefully tailored to enhance self-reliance, confidence, and assist in accomplishing daily life skills like independent dressing. There are adaptive jeans, T-shirts, dresses, and lots more, all designed to ensure you stay stylish, feel comfortable, and can dress with ease. Shop for adaptive pieces in various juniors’ sizes, including small, medium, and up to XXL.

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It's pretty much everyone’s dream to live in supersoft denims. We have you covered with breathable jeans that feature hook and loop tape. Then there are cute tank tops with a side seam opening and hook + loop fasteners. Easy to put on, easy to take off, and comfortable to wear, these tops are a must-have. Likewise, our dresses and shirts have amazing adaptive features that make dressing a joyful experience. These styles are crafted using premium materials that ensure durability for years to come. They’re perfect for college and casual meetups with loved ones. You can check out JCPenney’s extensive disability clothing collection and shortlist your favorite styles! Shop for these styles online to save more with free shipping!

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