March Birthstone Jewelry

Bask in the cool richness of the aquamarine birthstone jewelry at JCPenney. We offer a broad selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and sets--all designed to help you look your best. It's the perfect stone to add delicate freshness to your spring and summer wardrobe.

About Aquamarine

The aquamarine gemstone gets its name from a Latin word that refers to the sparkling blue water of the sea. It varies in shades, sometimes appearing true blue while other times leaning a tad toward a more greenish color. This March birthstone was once thought of as the treasure of mermaids and good luck for sailors. The calm, cool color inspires trust, truth, youthfulness, and joy.

Aquamarine Earrings

These March birthstones are stunning in a variety of earring settings. JCPenney offers an array of studs, hoops, and drop earrings that sway and move along with you, creating a fluid grace and elegance to boost your overall look. You can choose birthstones that match your favorite outfit or a pair that contrasts and steals the show with your little black dress.

March Birthstone Necklaces

Our aquamarine necklaces come quite a few different settings with gold or silver metals. Choose one of the many pendants or a beaded aquamarine necklace for spectacular impact.

Aquamarine Bracelets

Allow the drama to happen naturally as you gesture, showing off your new bracelet that features this March birthstone. The words will flow as easily as the water in the sea when you're making your point with sparkling gestures.

March Birthstone Rings

Show off that great new manicure by drawing attention to your hands donning one of the stunning aquamarine rings from JCPenney. Choose from our selection of aquamarine cocktail rings or stackable rings that can be worn alone or stacked with others for even more impact.

Aquamarine Jewelry Sets

You never have to worry about your jewelry pieces matching when you have one of the jewelry sets offered by JCPenney. Wear all of the pieces at the same time or mix and match with other items from your jewelry box to create a look that is all yours.

Affordable, Quality Jewelry

JCPenney has a wide range of both lab-created and genuine aquamarine jewelry, so you can find pieces you love without worrying about the cost. We offer the best quality for the money. Whether you're buying something for yourself or picking out a gift for someone else, you can be confident in the value of your selection.

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