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Looking for September birthstone jewelry? Explore beautiful pieces of sapphire jewelry at JCPenney. Our collection of gemstone and birthstone jewelry not only has an aesthetic appeal but also holds significance in different cultures. The sapphire gemstone, for instance, holds a plethora of healing, emotional, and spiritual properties. With its deep blue hue and range of intense to subtle shades, this gemstone has captivated human attention for centuries. Sapphire has been recognized as a stone for wisdom, intuition, and spiritual insights. It is also known to symbolize loyalty, truth, and divine connection. This birthstone is not just breathtaking but holds a lot of significance for spiritual growth, personal development, and overall well-being. Shop online at great prices and save more!

Plethora of Designs and Styles

JCPenney houses some of the latest modern designs, vintage pieces, and timeless creations in the category of gemstone necklaces and pendants. Choose from the gorgeous September birthstone, sapphire set-in precious metals like sterling silver, gold, platinum over silver, and more. Find the enhanced sparkle of the sapphire birthstone in our selection of gemstone earrings. Dig up a range of cuts, like round, oval, rectangle, and more. Explore stackable rings, cocktail rings, promise rings, and so much more in the selection of gemstone rings. Look stunning and be sure to make heads turn everywhere you go with these gorgeous designs, all at such affordable prices. Shop online to save more with free shipping.

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