September Birthstone Jewelry

JCPenney offers some of the most stunning sapphire birthstone jewelry you'll find. If your birthday is in September or any other time of year, you can be proud to wear jewelry with this gorgeous blue gemstone that sparkles and shines with every turn. Whether you prefer gold or silver settings, you're sure to see something you love in our collection.

About the Sapphire

Of all the blue gemstones, sapphire is one of the most valuable ones due to its durability, hardness, and shine. Although blue is the predominant color of sapphires, they come in other hues as well, including pink, orange, green, purple, and various shades in between. Sapphires come from many different countries, including Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Australia, the United States, and others. Legend has it that these precious stones contain heavenly powers that include peace, good health, and innocence. They also symbolize faithfulness, dignity, and nobility.

Sapphire Rings

A sapphire ring is the ultimate in elegance, with its sparkling blue luster. JCPenney's collection includes sapphire cocktail rings, stackable rings, sapphire engagement rings, and promise rings. When you wear one of the sapphire rings from JCPenney, those around you know that you appreciate quality and timeless jewelry.

September Birthstone Earrings

Whether you choose a pair of sapphire stud, hoop, or drop earrings, the stone's blue brilliance shows off your face in the best light possible. The heavenly hue will cast an ethereal glow, making you shine brighter than anyone else in the room.

Sapphire Necklaces

JCPenney's assortment of blue sapphire necklaces provides so many options you'll want to pick more than one. Choose from one of the stunning sapphire pendant necklaces or a statement necklace to bring the attention closer to your face.

September Birthstone Bracelets

If you're looking for a sapphire tennis bracelet, JCPenney is the place for you. We also offer a selection of sapphire bangles and charm bracelets to give you even more options to decorate your wrist.

Sapphire Jewelry Sets

Anyone who likes to make a statement with jewelry will appreciate having a complete sapphire jewelry set. You don't have to worry about the pieces matching. However, if you want to mix it with other items in your collection, go ahead and break it up. And then wear the other pieces later.

Quality and Value for All

JCPenney is always the first place you should look for fine jewelry when you want the best quality for your money. Whether you're picking up something for yourself or purchasing a birthstone for a September birthday, you'll find what you need here. And you can rest assured that the jewelry you purchase from JCPenney will be the best value available.

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