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570 results

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JCPenney has hundreds of Halloween costumes for mummy's little monsters to wear this year. There’s more than a ghost of a chance that you’ll find the ghouliest Halloween costumes that are perfect for trick-or-treating or any Halloween festivity. So what are your kids going to be this year? Will they be surprising their friends and getting a laugh in one of JCPenney's fun and amusing costume sets or be perfectly huggable in animal onesies? Your little adventurers will also love to dress in their favorite character costumes, from popular Toy Story characters like Buzz and Woody to Marvel superheroes and Disney Princesses, this Halloween. Here at JCPenney, we have the best kids' Halloween costumes in town.

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For your toddler trick-or-treater, pick a soft and comfortable slip-on Halloween costume that’s easy to wear and won't cause a fuss when dressing. There’s nothing better than hearing your princess or buccaneer giggle as they fill up their bags with treats on Halloween night. Since Halloween is the perfect time to make a hilarious statement as the life of the party, our funny costumes will surely make your friends smile. Along with kids' Halloween costumes, we have plenty of options for adults too. Check out our spooky collection of adult Halloween costumes featuring zombie accessories, haunted bride costumes, and lots more. You can even pick matching clothing for the whole family, click pictures together, and spend quality time playing fun games, enjoying treats, and lots more.

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