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Go a 'Haunting in Halloween Costumes from JCPenney

JCPenney has hundreds of styles of Halloween costumes for mummy's little monsters to wear this year. There is so much more than a ghost of a chance that you will find the ghouliest and ghostiest Halloween costumes at JCPenney, perfect for trick-or-treating or any Halloween festivity.

Funny Halloween Costumes are Covered

What are your kids going to be this year? They are sure to surprise their friends and get a laugh in one of JCPenney's fun, and amusing role play sets this year. Mirror, mirror on the wall is sure to answer your little angel in a funny Halloween costume from JCPenney. For boys, your little adventurer will be mummy's little hero this Halloween dressed up in his favorite funny Halloween costume.

For your toddler trick-or-treater, pick a soft and comfortable, slip-on funny Halloween costume that is easy to wear and won't cause a fuss when dressing. There is nothing better than hearing your princess or Buccaneer giggle as they fill up their pillow cases with treats on Halloween night in a funny Halloween costume from JCPenney.

This Halloween, when it comes to funny, silly, or comical knee-slapping costumes, JCPenney has you covered. Halloween is the perfect time make a hilarious statement as the life of the party. With funny Halloween costumes from JCPenney, you will be sure to make your friends smile.

Get Your Spookiest Halloween Costumes

Scary sights and tales of horror abound when your little ones showcase their mischievous side with a fang-tasic Halloween costume at JCPenney. For some ghostly, hair-raising fun, dress up as a classically scary character like a ghost, skeleton, or zombie in life-like masks, costumes, and accessories from JCPenney that will add some magic to this Halloween night. At JCPenney, finding the right outfit for your trick-or-treaters, at frighteningly low prices, is so much fun it's scary!

Go haunting this Halloween with a quality, deluxe costume from JCPenney, with a wide selection of Halloween costumes and matching accessories including shoes, wands, and accessories. For all the best silly sights and scary magic tricks this Halloween, JCPenney is your go-to source for funny and frightening Halloween costumes. Your funny little witchy poo and scary goblin will have a safe and happy Halloween with a quality costume from JCPenney.

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