Find the Best Memorial Day Styles on JCPenney with @taryntruly

Discover patriotic clothing and home décor for the upcoming Memorial Day and July 4th holidays on JCP Live with internet influencer Taryn Truly. She will be joining us live and sharing her top picks that display the undying American pride and spirit. She will pick perfectly patriotic JCPenney outfits and home décor products in bold colors of red, white, and blue with a hint of stars and stripes. These options include dresses, swimsuits, shorts, American flag pajamas, shoes, sandals, towels, wall art, dinnerware, wreaths, and throw pillows. They are ideal to celebrate Memorial Day weekend BBQ parties and family lunches.

Shop Patriotic Clothing & Décor for the Home

Showcase your spirit and love for the U.S.A. with special patriotic decorations for home proudly featuring red, white, and blue. These fun and festive homages to Old Glory are brought in the spotlight by Taryn on JCP Live. Get inspired by her all-American decorations and clothing choices as they are just what you need on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Flag Day, or any day.

Whether you’re looking for family pajama sets or wreaths and bows, find them all and more at JCPenney. While you’re at it, shop for these American Flag T-Shirts and decorations, and gift them to your favorite freedom-lover, veteran, or Memorial Day celebrant.

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