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Kids can be just as picky as adults (and sometimes even more so) when it comes to their underclothes. While parents are looking for durable, soft options, kids want to have fun. They often prefer undergarments with cheerful prints and colors. If you’re searching for clothing basics that meet both your requirements and theirs, you’ve come to the right place. At JCPenney, we carry a wide selection of clothing basics for girls, boys, juniors, and young men. We’ve got sports bras, underwear, undershirts, and even quarter socks. Our collection is trendy, bright, and designed for all bodies. We’ve got regular-size bralettes for girls, extra-tall size men’s undershirts, husky-size boxer briefs for boys, and lots more. Plus, you’re sure to find great deals on a perfect fit at JCPenney.



Comfortable Clothing Basics in Trendy Colors and Styles

We’re your one-stop solution for all clothing basics from top brands like Thereabouts, Maidenform, and Champion. Start building your cart with a pair of booties for the baby, followed by sports bras for girls and juniors and underwear and undergarments for boys. You’ll even find plain white t-shirts and tanks for young men. Shop these essentials in cool prints and trendy color combinations at incredibly low prices. These styles are made using buttery-soft fabric that ensures all-day comfort. Since they’re made to last, your kids can wear these clothing basics on rotation all year round through attending school, playing at the park, or dancing at a family gathering.

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