Find the Latest Selection of Barbie Dolls at JCPenney

Barbie is a beloved classic toy that's been around for generations. Since 1959, the Mattel, Inc. fashion doll has been enriching little girls' imaginations with her graceful style and diverse interests. Few toys have left as a lasting legacy as Barbie, and the cultural icon continues to find a home in children's collections, even in the digital age.

JCPenney offers an impressive collection of Barbie dolls and accessories, ensuring every child will discover the doll that resonates with her the most. Whether Barbie is dressed up like a figure skater, a ballerina, a pet owner, or an everyday girl in casual clothes, she offers girls a relatable form of entertainment that inspires creativity and boosts the imagination.

Nurture Her Aspirations

One of the best things about Barbie is that she inspires young girls to dream big. Career Barbie has been the perfect example of this. She's been offered in various roles ranging from a professional chef or Rockstar to a fashionable farmer, showing girls they can aspire to be whatever it is they want to be.

Girls who love dance will enjoy playing with dance-themed Barbie dolls. Ballerina Barbie has long been a good example of this, as she's always dressed in the perfect ballet outfit. Your own little dancer can choreograph Barbie's routine, practice her performance, and let her imagination run wild as she crafts stories suited to the doll's character.

Allow your child to explore creative careers in the arts or take on the world of science, as new career themes are being added all the time. With Barbie, the possibilities are endless! Best of all, since Barbie is known to try on many different career hats, your daughter can discover a variety of ambitions she didn't even know existed.

Set the Scene With Barbie Playsets

Aside from individual dolls, Barbie also comes in playsets based on her hobbies or career. Stylist Barbie, for instance, might come with her own salon station, complete with all her salon and hair care accessories. With these playsets, your little girl can always set the scene to immerse her other Barbie dolls in the story she's creating.

Pets are another popular option for Barbie playsets. Barbie may come with a shoulder bag designed to hold her adorable puppies, or she might be paired with a larger dog and some of his favorite treats.

Little fashionistas will love fashion-inspired playsets. These include a whole new wardrobe for Barbie and her friends. There are also playsets centered around Barbie's iconic pink vehicles and endless adventures. Whatever story your child can think of, there's probably a Barbie doll for it.

Given Barbie's staying power, she's inspired generations of women to achieve their dreams, express their artistic sides, and think outside the box. Continue the tradition by shopping JCPenney's current selection of this undeniable classic.

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