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Prepare for a journey into a world of fascination with JCPenney’s extraordinary selection of Disney dolls! We proudly present a captivating assortment featuring everyone's favorite characters – the timeless Disney Princesses like Jasmine, Aurora, Snow White, and many more to the beloved personalities from iconic Disney movies and cartoons. It's a royal rendezvous that will light up the eyes and hearts of kids and collectors alike. Step into a world of wonder with our must-have Disney dolls that promise hours of fun and laughter. Unleash the magic of the deep blue sea with the Little Mermaid & King Triton dolls set, where under-the-sea adventures await. Let Tinker Bell sprinkle her ethereal charm on every playtime, or set sail with the adventurous Moana doll and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

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Your kids will absolutely love our talking Minnie Mouse and instantly be best friends with her. With a gentle press of her belly, she'll delight you with her iconic and heartwarming phrases and add an extra layer of interactive fun. And if your kid is a water-loving fan, the Elsa Swim & Walk doll – the blend of imaginative play and aquatic excitement, will be the perfect companion. Our collection also features a series of toddler princess dolls that will have your little one thrilled. Whether you're searching for the ideal gift for your child or aiming to expand a big kid’s cherished collection, our Disney princess dolls and doll accessories offer a gateway to adventure, magic, and lifelong memories. With special discounts on a wide range of characters, you can bring home all the Disney delight you want, and it won’t even be heavy on your pocket. Explore JCPenney’s collection today and give your kids the playtime of their dreams.

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