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When the weatherman predicts snow or rain, you know you're going to have some stir-crazy kids at home. To help the kids stay entertained with JCPenney has stocked a variety of models, children’s games, puzzles, and other indoor activities that are promise hours of fun and entertainment. Brainteasers will challenge your kids' minds, while completed three-dimensional puzzles transform into brilliant display pieces. Let their imaginations grow with award-winning model construction sets. These building sets introduce young minds to complex concepts like geometry and architecture, and sets easily combine for endless ways to inspire your children's creativity.

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It's family night, so it's time to get out the board games! Learn something new with JCPenney's choices of brain games that both children and adults can play. Discover interesting facts about a variety of interesting subjects like the outdoors, anatomy, and math with table games. Or have a good time with classic Harry Potter card games. Despite our era of digital entertainment, fun family games like Race to the Treasure and American Trivia are more popular than ever. We have all the best board games, from classics like chess and dominos to the latest and most popular Mattel board games, which are certain to entertain everyone at the table. Explore JCPenney today and stock up on great indoor games for kids in one convenient place. Shop now to save more with free shipping!

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