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Discover a wide selection of puzzle games for kids right here at JCPenney. Interactive activities encourage early development, which is why we carry an assortment of quality puzzles for babies and toddlers. Chunky wooden puzzles with handles have always helped toddlers strengthen their cognitive skills as they match jumbo pieces with coordinating pictures to complete the puzzle. These educational games may feature barnyard animals, fish, construction vehicles, mermaids, and other imaginative scenes your baby will love. Tactile learning is also crucial for school-aged children, who can find hours of entertainment in a puzzle game that challenges the mind. Even teenagers will love our selection of 3D Harry Potter Hogsmeade or Quidditch puzzles and Sherlock Holmes brain teasers that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Build 3D Puzzle Masterpieces and Solve Mysteries with Interactive Puzzles

Completing a traditional puzzle is fun, but 3D makes it even better! That's why, JCPenney offers a diverse line of 3D puzzles that encourage children to think outside the box. Build a castle or a pirate ship with the help of detailed instructions. Some completed puzzles are even interactive, featuring movable details that bring the project to life. And teens who love to read and look for clues will love mystery jigsaw puzzle games by brands like University Games and BePuzzled. Read a mysterious story about an unexpected death and assemble the puzzle to discover hidden clues. Only when the clues are pieced together can you solve the mystery! Since these puzzle games are intended for older children and one or more players, they're perfect for family game night. No matter what you're looking for, JCPenney offers a broad selection of puzzle games for kids and teens. Shop now to browse our latest offerings.

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