Experience the Wonders of Disney Princess Toys at JCPenney

Every lovely maiden who dreams of her own handsome prince will fall in love with the huge selection of Disney princess toys, costumes, and play sets at JCPenney. Disney and princesses have always gone hand in hand, and we have lots of exclusive Disney princess toys and accessories. If you want some seriously enchanting Disney princess items like gowns to dress your child up as clever, daring, and beautiful characters, look no further. With JCPenney, it's easy to make your little darling's storybook dreams come true.

Host a Disney Princess Party

Invite your child's friends over dressed in their own Disney princess costumes, and create a delightful magic kingdom right at home. Or host a Disney perfect princess tea party. Surrounded by all her favorite fairytale characters, your daughter will have plenty of fun with dazzling and blinged-out princess costumes and toys. She will transform into a proper Disney princess complete with tiara and jewelry sets with matching character carrying case. JCPenney has the Disney princess toys to complement any get-together.

Does your miniature monarch want a birthday party fit for royalty? Then a Disney princess party with toys and accessories is the only answer. With a wealth of supplies to choose from and endless possibilities for creative hostesses, make it a fairy-tale day with Disney princess toys and costumes from JCPenney. Your child will make a grand entrance decked out in her new Disney princess outfit. Throw an enchanted ball that every little girl will love to attend and don't forget yummy snacks and cool princess toys and activities. Make sure you've got your camera ready to capture those special moments!

Why We Love Disney Princesses

Disney's princesses are about more than just an endearing love story with a handsome prince; they are strong girls who dream big and love a great adventure. Disney's princess toys personify everything your daughter loves about being a girl, from beauty to elegance and charm. Every day has a happy ending when she's a beloved Disney princess.

With help from JCPenney, the minute she masquerades as a Disney princess, it's easy to realize her most magical dreams. Disney princesses, both classic and modern, are positive role models for curious, smart young women, and they help empower girls to believe in themselves. Disney princesses bring a little bit of their magic to our world. Plus, they can talk with little critters, and what's better than that?

Your child's favorite Disney princess once-upon-a-time starts right here at JCPenney. Shop for Disney princess toys, accessories, costumes and more for your little girl today. Help make her day a bit more captivating with a princess adventure from Disney.

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