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Hold Your Comic Book Heroes in the Palm of Your Hand With Marvel Toys

Hasbro's Marvel Toys teamed up with JCPenney to bring you all the latest Marvel Comics action figures, plush character pillows, and dress-up kits. Toys based on the Marvel Universe are a long-standing favorite for both kids and collectors. From classic Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man to the Incredible Hulk, JCPenney has the Marvel toys you and your kids have been dreaming about. Fans of the Marvel toy line have made these characters into pop-culture icons the entire world relates to, so get your comic book hero toys today.

Escape to the Marvel Universe

Does your kid want to dress up as their favorite Marvel superhero, complete with costume and shield? JCPenney is your best source for Marvel toys, costumes, and accessories. They will stir your children's imaginations when they create fantastic scenarios and top-secret adventures as the heroes of the universe. Where DC Comics characters were gods in men's clothing, Marvel characters are ordinary humans with god-like powers. From stuffed animals to Marvel character watches and superhero play sets and props, up your kids' toy game with some of the best collectible action figures of all time, Marvel Toys.

Marvel Toys Are Great for Sharing

Have your kids take their Marvel toys over to their friends' homes for some adventure play time, because good times are even better when they are shared. By trading and collecting accessories and Marvel posable action figures with their friends, they can build their collection of Marvel toys in no time. Your kids and their friends can fight off villains with their choice of Marvel toys from JCPenney while learning at the same time to play nice. Collect all their favorite Marvel toys, and your children can get excited about bringing them to life with their imaginations.

Top Marvel Characters

Marvel character toys are modeled after top Marvel comic characters, who often have tragic beginnings, such as the X-Men's ruthless and powerful Wolverine. Wolverine is a mutant who has the ability to heal from any wound.

Meet the Avengers' Captain America, a living legend with an indestructible shield who wages war against evil, and his teammate Thor, with his mighty enchanted hammer. The son of Odin and the strongest hero of Norse mythology, Thor is master of thunder and lightning.

Beloved superhero Spider-Man is the quintessential hometown good guy Peter Parker, turned into the protector of the neighborhood of Forest Hills by a spider bite.

Shop for the Marvel toys and action figures you and your kids love at JCPenney. Tons of collectible Marvel toys are available, along with play sets and wearables. Whether you're a Marvel or DC fan, you can't beat the toys and collectibles at JCPenney.

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