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For almost four decades, kids young and old have been enthralled by the beloved characters in the Star Wars movies. Fanatical fans gather Star Wars toys, memorabilia, and home decor to bring their favorite characters home.

Star Wars Movies: What's Old Is New

Most Gen-Xers grew up watching Luke Skywalker battle Darth Vader for the freedom of the galaxies. We watched Luke leave his home planet of on Tattooine and set out to save Princess Leia. We fell in love with Chewbacca's furry façade and signature growl.

When Luke trained with Yoda, we could feel the force too. As Luke and Leia worked to save the galaxy, they faced challenges — from Jabba the Hut enslaving Leia to Han Solo being frozen in carbonite. We felt their longing, their hopes, and eventually celebrated their success.

Twenty years later, we felt the joy of Star Wars adventures with our children. Young Anakin began Jedi training and quickly had to fight the lure of the Dark Side. We cheered as Anakin and Padme fought the Chancellor, Emperor, and Count Dooku. We watched the two fall hopelessly in love. Eventually, our spirits shattered when Padme died from a broken heart because of Anakin's submersion into the Dark Side.

Tips for Showing Off Star Wars Toys

For fans of the movies, nothing is more fun than opening Star Wars toys. We, like our children, delighted in action figures, Lego sets, and plush toys. Proud collectors display Star Wars toys in a number of ways.

Show off vintage Star Wars toys in bookshelves or cases made to keep your figurines safe. To keep visitor's attention where it belongs, make sure your collection isn't in front of busy prints. Instead, choose a softer solid color for the backdrop. Make your Star Wars toys a focal point with lighting. You can use small lights in each shelf or install track lighting above.

For impressive Star Wars toys collections, consider keeping them grouped in one room. You could hang ships from the ceiling and display larger pieces on a table below your shelves.

Take Your Fandom up a Notch

For super fans, an entire room dedicated to Star Wars toys or a themed room is top notch. Kids' decor includes bedding, plush pillows, and curtains. Consider purchasing several small shelves for figurines and vehicles. Spaceships and X-Wing fighters soar when attached to the ceiling with fishing line.

Paint one wall black and stencil on lines that resembles a command center. Add aluminum vents in varying shapes on the wall like spaceship parts. Dryer vents turned into space pipes are a nice extra touch.

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