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Got a dinner party invite, weekend brunch plans, or some holidays scheduled on your calendar already? It's always a good idea to show up with a little something for your host. From adorable yet classy wine glasses to stylish kitchenware and home décor accents, JCPenney has everything you need. Find the perfect hostess gift to take along when you go for a cocktail party, a holiday dinner, or spend the weekend visiting an out-of-town friend. Sometimes tried-and-true gifts make the ideal choice. For a traditional option, try picking up a cheese board or serveware . Keep things simple with a scented candle or get creative by exploring more options in our collection.

Gifts To Show Your Host That You Care

If you’re headed to a dinner party, chances are your host or hostess will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Gift them a versatile mini blender and get the party started with a batch of margaritas or gift them a stemless glass set with distinctive designs with textures. You could also send something to your host or hostess after your stay with them. This gives you the opportunity to see their style and taste and get a sense of what they truly need. We have endless options like serving trays, platter sets, cake sets, and so much more. Whatever you choose, we're sure your gift will be appreciated. It's a simple way to say thanks for the hospitality and to ensure you'll be invited back again soon! Shop now and save more.

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