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What are Roman Shades?

Roman shades like other types of shades block out the sunlight, however, there is one fundamental difference. Roman shades stack up evenly on top of one another when they are opened. The shades look smooth instead of ribbed like vertical shades. Like most other shades they open and close using a cord, which allows you to adjust how much of your window is exposed. You can get room darkening, blackout, cordless, and energy saving roman shades too. JCPenney has the option for you to create your own custome set of roman shades.

What Materials are Roman Shades Made From?

Roman shades can be made from many different types of materials, including fabric, polyester, wood and bamboo.

What are the Different Types of Roman Shades?

Roman shades come in many different designs. There are plain roman shades, relaxed, scalloped, banded, rear tucked, balloon roman shades and so much more. Shop our beautiful collection and find the type that speak to you.

Roman Shades to Bring Sophistication to Your Home

Roman shades have been seen as a bit old school, but thanks to innovative new designs and colors, these window treatments are enjoying a renaissance in the home décor market. We have a host of stunning colors from the JCPenney Home collection that will satisfy every taste.

Roman shades are made from a flat piece of fabric that folds up accordion style when raised up. They blend effortlessly into your windows. If you’re not keen on doing a lot of cleaning these shades are a great alternative to a traditional curtains. Longer curtains call for a lot more effort in dusting and you’ll have to place them in the washing machine too, with your roman shades all you have to do is spot clean. Since they fit within the frame work of your window, you won’t have a lot of dusting to do either.

Blackout roman shades provide the same light blocking efficiency as blackout curtains. We have stunning classic linen shades, and bamboo shades add a bit of tropical charm to your home. Elegant damask shades with tassels are stately and regal. Keep your heating bill down with thermal shades. They help to regulate the temperature

At JCPenney you have the option to get custom made shades or pre-made shades at fastastic prices. Shop our roman shades collection today, and save big on functional and elegant styles.

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