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Blocking the Sun Is Just Part of the Equation

Blinds are the most effective way to control how much sunlight enters a room. With the pull of a cord or the twist of a rod, you change the amount and angle of light coming through.

If you have tall windows, wide windows, or oversized windows, vertical blinds are an attractive way to filter sunlight. In fact, vertical blinds are the best choice for floor-to-ceiling windows and for glass doors that open onto decks or patios. Even if you have windows of standard sizes, consider using vertical blinds instead of horizontal blinds. The pattern of vertical stripes created by these blinds can make a window, and by extension a wall, seem taller. Try using them in rooms where the ceiling is lower than you'd like it to be.

Textile Options for Vertical Blinds

Many people choose plastic horizontal blinds without thinking about the other options available. While horizontal blinds certainly do the job, vertical blinds are less common and will draw attention to your windows. Plus, they completely change the angle at which the sun enters your rooms, giving you a diffuse glow that horizontal blinds simply can't achieve. Use vertical blinds to angle the sun away from where you're sitting without losing natural light.

One of the best things about vertical blinds is the variety of color and texture options available. Don't settle for plastic when you can get bamboo or linen-textured fabric in different shades. High-quality vertical blinds can stand on their own, without the need for curtains, for a minimalist look. But if you're also putting curtains on the same window, choose a fabric in the same color family or with a print that has a color similar to what's on your vertical blinds.

Take Your Rooms to the Next Design Level

Another fantastic feature of vertical blinds is the width of the slats. These are not the narrow, slightly curved slats you expect in horizontal blinds. Vertical blinds have long slats that are wider than 3 inches. This keeps the number of slats lower and gives the vertical blinds a more elegant look.

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