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Patio and Door Curtains and Blinds

When it's time to cover doors and patio windows, check out the selection of curtains and blinds at JCPenney. We offer a nice assortment of window and door treatments in all sizes and fabrics. Whether you need privacy or simply want to control the amount of light that streams through, you'll find exactly what you need. Check out all of the sizes we offer, from the shorter 45 and 47-inch panels to the 84 and 72-inch curtains, to find the perfect ones for your windows and doors.

Patio Door Curtains for a Touch of Privacy

JCPenney offers an assortment of patio door curtains with a variety of headings. Choose the classic style pinch pleat curtains that you can open and close effortlessly with the pull of a string. If you want something contemporary, you'll love the grommet-top curtains that easily slide open and closed while revealing a decorative rod. Other styles to choose from include back-tab curtains, rod-pocket curtains, blackout curtains, and sheers.

Door Panel Curtains for Full Privacy

If you have a glass door, you'll love the door panel curtains that give you as much privacy as you need. Select a set of curtains that completely cover the glass or let the light shine through a set of sheers. How much privacy you want is completely up to you with the choices we offer of door panel curtains.

Shine Just a Little with Sidelight Curtains

Whether your door is flanked by sidelight windows or there's just one, you'll appreciate our assortment of sidelight curtains. Treat your home to some sheer sidelight curtains to allow light to stream through, lined sidelight curtains for more privacy, or room darkening sidelight curtains to fully block the sun.

Adjust the Shine with Blinds

For an ultra-contemporary look, hang blinds on your patio windows or door. They allow you to open them as much as you need for the amount of light you want. Another option for a designer look is to layer blinds and curtains that enable you to create even more privacy and light control.

Affordable Quality Patio and Door Curtains

When you need patio and door curtains, JCPenney is the first place you should look. We offer a great selection for all sizes of windows and doors. While you're shopping for door and window treatments, check out some of our other home décor merchandise. We have a vast assortment of throw pillows, wall art, and other items to turn your house into a welcoming home.

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