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The Importance of Window Treatments

Elevate any room with window scarves from JCPenney. Updating a room’s window treatments is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to transform a space. As with any home decor product, curtains come in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit various needs and aesthetics. If you’re bored of the same curtain panels or heavy drapes, consider an airy window scarf instead.

Humans have been decorating with fabric throughout recorded history. Emperors and kings hung heavy tapestries to symbolize opulence and luxury, which was a habit that carried over into other aspects of home decor. The right window scarves can add regality and refinement to a large space, or it can open up a small one. It can highlight a room’s architecture or even showcase natural light. It can even block out the sun altogether, providing much-needed rest.

While window treatments were once heavy and intricate, modern options are decidedly lighter and sheer. Window scarves, in particular, are designed to be feather-light with an unmistakable sheerness that filters light and creates a wonderful ambience. Window scarves let light in while diffusing it just enough so that it disperses throughout the room with a welcoming glow. No matter the size or style of your home, window scarf valances are a clean, classic choice that never goes out of style.

Customize Any Room With Window Scarves

Window scarves are similar to valances in that they hang at the top of the window across the length of the curtain rod. The difference between a scarf and a valance, however, is that a scarf appears to have been gracefully draped across the rod instead of hung, lending the window an ethereal quality.

One thing to consider when using window scarves is that they let in a lot of light. When using them alone, they do very little to block sunlight, which is a benefit many homeowners may prefer. If you need a heavier fabric to darken the room, try using window scarves along with blackout or room-darkening curtains.

Using a window scarf valance along with window shades and curtains can help create a layered look like none other. Simply choose the color and materials you prefer for each product and layer on the style. From elegant and traditional to minimalist and modern, JCPenney’s window scarves satisfy all sorts of design sensibilities. Stick with floor-length scarves to add drama to tall windows, or opt for a shorter scarf valance for the kitchen or bathroom. Certain styles even feature curtain rod pockets, ensuring they stay put no matter what.

Update your home in the simplest way possible. Shop JCPenney’s latest selection of window scarves and valances to transform your space on any budget.

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