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We all know maintaining a routine can be tough, and you need the right arsenal of clothing to keep you going. If you're planning to revamp your activewear wardrobe anytime soon, JCPenney has got you covered. Discover women's high support activewear from Xersion. These styles are an ideal match for all your HIIT workouts, weightlifting, and other intense sessions at the gym. They offer the optimum support for your body and unrestricted movement for high-intensity training. Choose from different activewear options, including leggings, shorts, tops, bras, and more.

Xersion High Support Activewear That Works as Hard as You

Comfort and breathability are the two main aspects of women's activewear. Xersion's high support activewear offers just that. Start with tops to expand your wardrobe. These styles are all you need to get you through intense workouts, a brisk run, or yoga sessions. Opt for tank tops or crew neck tops for a versatile update. Add a dose of comfort with high-impact bras that offer maximum support for your high-intensity workout and aerobics. In addition, check out our collection of leggings and shorts featuring moisture-wicking technology and compression elements for fluid movement. Whatever you need, JCPenney has the right kind of activewear to meet your workout needs. Shop now and save more.

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