Shop Ambrielle Bras at JCPenney

It’s not just about what you wear outside, but what you wear inside too. Your bra is equally important to make you look and feel confident as your outfit. After all, it provides support and impacts your posture. To simplify your bra shopping journey, JCPenney has gathered the best Ambrielle bras that are equal parts comfortable and stylish. These bras are available in different sizes, styles, and colors, to help you choose the best ones for you without any hassle.

Beautiful Bras in Different Styles

Ambrielle has an impressive mix of bras like wireless bras, push up bras, strapless bras, T-Shirt bras, bralettes, and bandeaus. You can find them in plenty of colors, like white, nude, pink, and blue. They all have different strap styles, some are thick, while others are super slim. Also, the fabrics are different, like cotton and velvet, allowing you to pick bras that meet your needs the best. You can shop for Ambrielle styles in virtually all sizes, including XS and XXL.

Slip yourself into pretty bras, bralettes, and bandeaus by Ambrielle that offer a second-skin fit while making you feel confident in your own skin. Explore all styles and shop for them at JCPenney at great low prices with free shipping!