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It’s not just about what you wear outside, but what you wear inside too. Your bra is essential to making you look and feel confident no matter what outfit you wear. After all, it provides support and impacts your posture. To simplify your bra shopping journey, JCPenney has gathered the best Ambrielle bras that are equal parts comfortable and stylish. These women’s bras are available in different sizes, styles, and colors to help you choose the best ones without any hassle.

Beautiful Ambrielle Bras in Different Styles

Ambrielle has an impressive mix of bras for every fashion choice and personal need, such as wireless bras, push-up bras, bralettes, and bandeaus. Pick a T-shirt bra for all your fitted tops and dresses, a balconette bra for broad-neck tops, a racerback for tank tops, y-style tops, and crossover tops. You can even choose based on the bra color. For example, nude women’s bras work great underneath white outfits, printed ones are ideal for everyday wear, and shiny, full coverage bras are perfect for those cocktail gowns. All the Ambrielle bras have different strap styles, too. Some are thick, while others are super slim. We even have strapless bras in our collection! You can also find bras with different fabrics, like cotton and velvet, allowing you to pick bras that meet your needs the best.

Ambrielle bras offer a second-skin fit while making you feel confident in your own skin. Explore all Ambrielle bras and shop for them at JCPenney at great low prices with free shipping available!

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