Buy Women's Columbia Jackets at JCPenney

Since 1983, Columbia is known for crafting quality sportswear for generations. At JCPenney, take advantage of a well-designed outerwear experience and get Columbia's winter coats for women to suit your needs during the colder months. Columbia makes plenty of long-sleeved waterproof jackets perfect for fall and spring rain. These zip-up hooded jackets come in a variety of colors and work as both windbreakers and rain jackets. Versatile outerwear that are designed to wear as windbreakers and wind sheeters, without lots of extras to catch the wind or get wet in the rain. You'll look weather-smart and understated whenever you wear one.

Fleece jackets are great for those dry, chilly days. Columbia fleece keeps you warm in moderate weather when you want to stay active without shivering or sweating too much. Once again, you've got plenty of color choices – so invest in different fleeces just for the sake of variety and design that Columbia offers. Fleece vests are a cute option, too, for those days when the sun is out, but you need an extra bit of help and layer in staying warm.

Protect Yourself from Winter's Chill

Face winter head-on this year with a thermal jacket. These Columbia jackets are not just smart but scientifically designed – with thermal coil material or down stuffing, they trap your body heat and keep snow, wind, and sleet from touching you. Get thermal jackets that are waist-length, or go all-out and buy a trench-length one that will protect you down to your snow boots.

Color options in thermal wear, is often limited. But Columbia’s thermal wear provides you ample choices to fit the occasion in an outdoor or indoor scene. Navy, purple, gray, and black are common colors for jackets – beat the monotony and add a punch of color by accessorizing with a bright scarf, hat or gloves.