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Find Women's Leather Jackets Galore at JCPenney

Whether you want a true leather jacket or a faux-leather option that looks and feels real, you'll find what you want at JCPenney. Women's leather jackets come in a variety of styles, with colors ranging from black and deep brown to vibrant tan. Leather and faux-leather have always been popular options because they never go out of fashion. They also keep you warmer than you would expect, adding versatility to an already adaptable coat.

Most leather jackets need to be dry-cleaned, so keep that in mind while you shop. An occasional trip to the dry-cleaners is a small price to pay for a stylish, comfortable jacket you'll be able to wear for years.

Pick Your Favorite Leather Jacket Style

You can always depend on a classic scuba jacket in leather. A black scuba jacket adapts to your wardrobe however you need it to, whenever you need it to. It's simple enough to wear with an elegant cocktail dress, and edgy enough to pair with jeans and heels or boots. Scuba jackets keep you warm in fall and spring, and you can adjust your own body temperature by wearing them over lightweight shirts or fluffy sweaters and layers.

For the more daring among us, a motorcycle jacket is always a flawless look. Get that iconic side zipper and double-flap collar that are recognizable from a block away. Motorcycle jackets are wonderfully form-fitting and versatile. You can create a feminine look by wearing one over a long skirt, or create androgyny by wearing straight-leg jeans and riding boots.

Longer jackets go by several names: topcoats, overcoats, and car coats. These coats typically have a single row of buttons, and the hem typically (but not always) falls below your hips. Topcoats are very elegant in appearance, and will gently lengthen and slim your torso. Leather topcoats are simple, and are a great way to get accustomed to dressing with a leather jacket in mind.

A leather jacket is the kind of thing that will remain in the center of your closet, easily within reach, for many a season. You can simulate the look of leather with alternative materials, or go for the real thing. Both options are at JCPenney from quality brands you can trust.

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