Feel Comfort and Style with Our Women's Denim Jackets

Very few wardrobe items can match the comfort and versatility of a pair of jeans, and denim jackets for women are a style and comfort classic. Pair a cool women's denim jacket with a maxi dress for the ultimate in comfort, or mix and match denim washes with a pair of your favorite jeans. Nothing tops a casual outfit like a basic t-shirt and denim jacket. Find long, straight, or fun cropped styles with details you'll love. Take a look at all of the denim jackets for women at JCPenney and find your style right here.

Make a Statement with a Denim Jacket

The classic jean jacket has been a wardrobe staple for decades, and you're going to want to have a few of them. Denim jackets are always casual and cool, and they look better and better the longer you wear them. Find one for you in a dark wash, light wash, or with embellishments to add extra style. Jean jackets can look classy or rebellious as well as everything in between. Which one do you want to be? You'll find your look in JCPenney's collection of jean jackets for women.

Colored Denim Jackets for a Bold Look

Liven up your jean jacket by getting one in a color. A white denim jacket looks classy and smart. Find one in a crop style and show your effortless summertime cool or wear it over a maxi dress for a fun look, or pair one with dark wash jeans for an all-over comfortable ensemble. Look for a jean jacket in black for a darker, mysterious look. A basic black jean jacket goes with virtually any outfit and would look great over a t-shirt or a button-up shirt, and even better topping a skirt or sleek dress.

Blended Denim Jackets for Fashion and Function

Take your jean jacket game up a notch by opting for one with a lightweight knitted jersey hood and sleeves. This jacket blends the comfort of a hoodie and a jean jacket and turns it into a relaxed style favorite. Find this look in a dark wash, light wash, or camouflage pattern. Try out one of our denim jackets with a blend of light and dark washes to get the best of both worlds. Wear it buttoned up or leave it open for a very relaxed look.

Embellished Jean Jackets Offer a Little More

Women's jean jackets don't have to be simple or basic. There are so many options with a bit of extra style. Look for denim jackets with lace patches, embroidery, or frayed edges. Find one with embellishments and a bit of sparkle to make your jean jacket stand out. No matter which one you choose, any jean jacket will look stylish with the sleeves rolled up over a button-up shirt, or go for a country look by rolling the sleeves up over a plaid shirt and finish your look with a pair of boots. No matter your denim desire, you'll find it here.

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