A Chill Wind Won't Keep You Indoors With Women's Windbreakers

Face this year's autumn chill head-on while wearing a windbreaker from JCPenney. Discover a variety of women's windbreakers made out of polyester that will have the wind sliding right over you. Many of these windbreakers are lightly lined, so you won't get too hot wearing them, but the wind won't pierce through the fabric to make you shiver. Look for cotton linings from brands you trust to ensure you stay as comfortable as possible.

Convenience is key when choosing a windbreaker. You'll discover plenty of machine-washable women's windbreakers at JCPenney; simple washing and drying instructions ensure these windbreakers are easy to care for, so they'll last you through many a windy day.

Windbreaker Fashion Is Hot This Autumn

Jackets are one of the best parts of fall fashion, and many windbreakers look great with your favorite long skirt, pair of jeans, or knee-high boots. Get soft colors like light gray and powder pink to compliment a wardrobe full of neutrals. Go for black when you want a versatile option or a bright color like purple when you want to make a statement. Think about stocking a few windbreakers in your closet; choosing different styles and colors will leave you with options, and you won't be stuck wearing sweaters or hoodies that don't keep the biting wind away.

Choose the Right Fit for Your Lifestyle

Most windbreakers zip up like hoodies, but options with buttons or snaps up the front are available, too. These pay a little homage to raincoat fashion, and look especially cute paired with galoshes. If you plan to stuff a bunch of sweaters beneath your windbreaker to stay warm, then an option with a loose fit and little to no inner padding is best. If you're going to wear this windbreaker while exercising, a tighter fit is key so the fabric doesn't inhibit your workout.

Discover a variety of windbreaker styles at JCPenney online. Whether you're looking for a lightweight jacket perfect for early fall or a heavier option that will protect you through October, JCPenney has brands you trust and styles you can't wait to wear. Order one for yourself, and don't forget that windbreakers make great gifts for family members who live up north!