What is a Sheath Dress?

So named because it resembles a sheath in which you would carry a knife, sheath dresses offer long and lean look that's perfect your next special occasion. With a variety of colors and prints available, it's easy to find a sheath dress to match your style.

The Basics of a Sheath Dress

Like other women's dresses, a sheath dress can come in a solid color or vibrant prints. The sheath dress has a narrow silhouette that fits close to the body. The hemline can stop anywhere between the mid-thigh and the mid-calf, the neckline can include anything from a boat neck to a V-neck, and the dress is usually sleeveless. Since there is such a close fit, there's typically a slit up the back to make it easier to walk. Depending on the cut and fabric, sheath dresses are appropriate for both casual and formal events.

Finding a Sheath Dress for Your Shape

While sheath dresses are known for having a narrow and close-fitting style, it's still possible to find one that's perfect for your body shape. If you have an hourglass figure, look for a sheath dress that has seams that enhance your waist to play up your proportions. If you have a straight figure, find a sheath dress that has a built-in fitted torso to help create a silhouette. Sheath dresses with interesting details on the top help balance out full hips and thighs, and a dress with ruched material around the stomach can help visually flatten that area.

Accessorizing a Sheath Dress

Whether it's for work or a party, a sheath dress offers you a classic style that's easy to pull together with the right accessories. In the office, consider pairing your sheath dress with a tailored blazer and a pair of pumps. Simple jewelry like a pendant necklace and small earrings will help complete this professional look. For a party or other special occasion, a pair of high heel sandals will look lovely with your dress. If the weather will be cool, don't forget to grab an elegant shawl to wrap around your shoulders.

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