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Essential Women's Leggings from JCPenney

Women love their leggings. These stretchy pants are ideal for so many outfits. Whether you're wearing to work or working out, leggings make you feel comfortable and confident. It's a nice feeling to slip into some leggings, put on an oversized sweater, shirt or even a dress, and look cute and chic. This easygoing attire is non-constricting too so you can go about your day with ease. And, leggings fit every size—Misses, Petites, Plus, Juniors and Talls!

Leggings Pair with Flats, Sneakers or Heels

Whatever your style, there are leggings to fit your mood. Black leggings are a classic look any time. Slip on some ballet flats or heels, depending on the occasion to dress up or down. Denim leggings are a wonderful mixture of jeans and stretchy pants. Their slimming silhouette may make you decide to never go back to traditional jeans again. Choose leggings in shortened lengths too, like capris or bermudas for a cooler option during the warmer months. Printed leggings, like florals and plaids, can add a playfulness to your outfit as well.

Workout Leggings Give You a Leg Up on Exercising

Active leggings are ready to tackle whatever you've got on the agenda for the day. Women's workout leggings are designed with functional features to keep you moving in comfort. Fabric can be quick dry to wick away the sweat faster. High-rise waistbands allow you to squat, bend and twist without worrying about your pants moving down. Xersion and Nike women's leggings offers styles and colors to motivate you to work out.

Whether you're walking the neighborhood, running errands or simply lounging at home, women's leggings are a loved piece of clothing. Find a variety for every moment at JCPenney.