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Women’s polo shirts are classic, and they are available at JCPenney in all the colors and patterns you could imagine. If you have to wear a polo shirt to work, stick with neutral colors like beige, black, or white. You can have fun with polos, too! Rock a bright pink or neon green polo when you want to soak up some attention. Some polo shirts even have fun patterns such as argyle and colorful stripes. Pair your white polo shirt with black jeans and a yellow polo shirt with blue denim shorts. The best part about them is that these shirts are appropriate for any time of year. Pick women’s long-sleeve polo shirts and short-sleeve styles .Explore our entire collection of misses to plus-size polo shirts and start shopping now.

Enjoy the Versatility of Women's Polo Shirts

Women's golf shirts are a fashion staple around the world. They're great for wearing on the tennis court, yes, but their potential doesn't stop there. They're an awesome semi-casual option for when you're running errands around town or going to a laid-back weekend meetup with your girls. There are various stylish and effective ways to wear your polo shirt. Jeans and khakis are your go-to choice, but they work equally well with skirts and capri pants. No matter how you choose to style them, you can't go wrong with women's polo shirts. Add a few to your wardrobe today. Shop online to save more with free shipping!

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