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What is a Two-Piece Dress?

You may have heard two-piece dresses called dress sets, but the two terms describe the same outfit idea: a dress sewn in two individual pieces. A two-piece dress is more than just a skirt and a blouse that go together. The silhouette of a two-piece dress appears like a regular dress, and the top is usually fitted. Instead of a single length of material, you show a strip of skin at your natural waist between the top and bottom part of the dress. Sounds sexy, right?

How to Wear Two-Piece Dresses

While a two-piece dress might not be your ideal work outfit, these designs are great for celebrating spring and summer weather. The fitted tops look like elegant crop tops, and perfectly match with the flowy skirts. Though dress sets tend to have an evening look about them, you can find options in light colors, floral prints, and simple fabrics that are perfect for day wear. When you want something stunning to wear to a dinner date or during a night on the town, lots of two-piece dresses fit the bill.

Why should you try a two-piece dress? Think of the convenience. Getting into dresses isn't always easy if you don't have someone to zip you up. With two pieces, putting on one of these dresses doesn't present such a zipper problem. Plus, you can wash and wear the pieces separately, adding extra versatility to your wardrobe. If you're not into having your skin showing, a form-fitting tank top underneath solves that problem.

Two-Piece Dresses for Juniors

Elegant, formal styles make perfect homecoming and prom options for junior girls. Sequins and tulle, shiny materials, and floor-length skirts come together to create stylish options that teens will love to wear to recitals, dances, and other special occasions. Choose this style to break away from the typical look you see at so many formal school dances and graduations. Parents don't need to worry, because the midriff skin these dresses reveal is quite minimal! Short and long skirt options are available in upscale styles for more versatility.

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