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What is a Trapeze Dress?

Trapeze may make you think of acrobats and circuses, but you definitely won't look like a clown in a trapeze dress. This style's name comes from the trapezoid shape because of the architectural way these dresses are designed. A trapeze dress lacks a cinched waist, and instead hangs down in straight lines from your bust to your legs. Most trapeze dresses have more fabric at the bottom then the top (hence the trapezoid), so they flare out when you walk. These dresses are airy and pretty, and popular with lots of women.

Who Can Wear a Trapeze Dress?

The trapeze dress silhouette might take some getting used to, but this dress works on lots of body types. Women without many curves look runway-ready in trapeze dresses; the flowing material adds movement to your body, and the dress's straight lines fit a slim body well. Curvy women look fantastic when belting a trapeze dress. You still get the flowing skirt and pretty lines, but you get to highlight your natural waist and hourglass shape.

The better question is: Why do you want to wear a trapeze dress? For comfort, of course. There are no digging waist bands, and no need for shapewear beneath. You get loose material, usually chiffon, in solids and prints. Some trapeze dresses offer asymmetrical hems, adding more movement and an interesting silhouette to an already fabulous shape.

Trapeze Dresses for Many Occasions

That doesn't mean you have to shut the style away during autumn. Try a long-sleeved trapeze dress with leggings or tights and your favorite pair of boots for a cozy fall look. Autumn trapeze dresses usually come in dark colors like maroon and black, and may be of slightly heavier material like jersey. They still flounce and swing beautifully when you walk, and look especially cute if you tie a scarf around your neck.

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