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Shop Womens Sleep Shirts at JCPenney

When you get a good night's sleep, you can meet each new day feeling relaxed and refreshed. Cozy womens sleep shirts are a loose, flowy alternative to traditional pajama sets for sleeping and lounging around the home. Find stylish and comfortable womens nightshirts at JCPenney from great brands like Liz Claiborne and Ambrielle. These sleepwear essentials are available in a wide range of misses and plus size options to suit any body type.

Cozy Nightshirt Fabrics for Cold Nights

The secret to great sleepwear is in the fabric. Whether you're catching up on some sleep or just hanging out around the house, you'll want a nightshirt that's soft to the touch, and that keeps you at the proper temperature. In the winter, long fleece or flannel sleep shirts are warm and comfortable options you'll love to wear. Since they're loose and flowy, they'll cut through any chill in your bedroom without causing you to overheat. Look for long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve options with high scoop necks. If you get cold easily, you can also pair these sleeping shirts with fuzzy slippers and a premium fleece robe.

Breathable Nightshirt Fabrics for Warm Nights

For warm summer nights, a womens sleep shirt that is airy and breathable is sure to make you more comfortable as you rest. Jersey nightshirts with short sleeves are a top option for the hotter months as they are lightweight and available in a variety of fun colors. Satin sleepwear is another great choice for warm nights. This type of material feels smooth and cool against your skin, keeping you at the perfect temperature all night long. Add satin shorts pajama sets and nightshirts to your sleepwear collection for variety. To further protect yourself from getting too hot as you sleep, always sleep on a mattress that's fitted with cool and crisp cotton sheets.

Top Sleep Shirt Styles

Even if you've narrowed down your nightgown options to one or two fabric types, you'll still have plenty of style choices to consider. Some sleep shirts are simple and feature one solid color, like pink, yellow, and charcoal grey. Others are two-toned, with a contrasting color on the cuffs or sleeves. Printed nightshirts are available with patterns like stripes, dots, florals, and paisley. The sleepwear style you choose is all down to personal preference. You may prefer a pink satin nightgown, which is flirty and romantic, or a plaid printed nightshirt that's more casual. Whichever style you choose, you're sure to get a great night's sleep in these soft and comfortable sleep shirts.