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Shop for Stylish Women's Ankle Pants From JCPenney

Add some polish to your outfit with a pair of women's ankle pants from JCPenney. We proudly carry a variety of women's ankle pants from some of the most celebrated fashion houses including Liz Claiborne, Worthington, and St. John's Bay. Most of these ankle pants are relatively conservative, in neutral hues like black, gray, or tan. But if you prefer to stand out in a crowd, you won't be disappointed. We also sell exciting women's ankle pants in bold prints and vibrant hues like hot pink and orange.

The Right Occasions for Women's Ankle Pants

With their crisp pleats and tailored design, women's ankle pants make the perfect choice for any corporate environment. Ankle plants in classic neutrals can easily coordinate with button-through blouses or chic sweaters for job interviews, board meetings, and long days in the office.

However, if you choose a patterned pair of ankle pants in a vibrant color from JCPenney, you can rock them in more casual settings. Imagine how these bolder ankle pants would look at a concert or the mall.

How to Wear Women's Ankle Pants

When it comes to your top half, anything goes. Button-through blouses are a classic choice. Your JCPenney ankle pants also won't look out of place with a delicate or chunky cable knit sweater. Boldly colored or patterned ankle pants let you have a little more fun with casual T-shirts and singlet tops. Blazers love our ankle pants because both are elegantly tailored. Layer one over your outfit, whether it's casual or more conservative, and you'll never look out of place.

The choice of footwear is where many women start to struggle wearing ankle pants. But according to style experts, the right shoes are the key to pulling ankle pants off. Straight-legged ankle pants look cutest with point-toe pumps. If heels hurt your feet, choose cigarette ankle pants which will work well with your ballet flats or loafers. Matching your shoes to your pants is a safe but perennially stylish choice. But if you're brave with color, don't be afraid to be a little more daring and choose footwear in a color that pops.

Discover the appeal of women's ankle pants when you shop at JCPenney.

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