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Go for a Modern Look With Women's Tapered Pants

As you plan your work wardrobe, consider what women's pants would work best for different times of the year. Ankle-fit trousers are a great option to consider for winter season. These tapered pants look sharp with heels and flats, so you can pair them with whatever feels more comfortable to you. Ankle-fit trousers add a modern look to your outfit. If you get these pants that hit just at the ankle and then pair them with heels, you'll create an optical illusion that makes your legs look longer, which is always a plus!

Twill pants are a popular choice when it comes to career pants because they're lightweight, so pair them with heels for a trendy look while keeping your comfort level intact. Twill pants often come in neutral colors, so it's easy to find a shirt to match. Choose one with bright colors to make the outfit pop.

Tapered Athletic Pants Are Great Additions

Another type of tapered pants are joggers. These sweatpants for women can hit at your ankles or just below the knee. They're a highly comfortable pair of pants that are ideal for jogging, exercising, or just lounging around the house. Some have a harem style, creating a silhouette that works to hide flaws while bringing you into the current fashion. Plus, harem pants are roomy, making them utterly comfortable.

Other types of tapered pants include exercise leggings and track pants. Leggings are perfect for any exercise where flexibility is essential. Wear these pants to a yoga class, while completing a stair workout, or to a cycling class. Track pants are just right for warming up your muscles before an intense training session. Both styles pair well with athletic sneakers, such as running shoes and trainers.

Whatever type of tapered pants you need, there are numerous choices with fun details. For the leggings, you might find mesh panels that give you extra cooling while adding interest. Black tapered pants are classic and a fine addition to any wardrobe. Whatever you need when it comes to tapered pants, check out the selection at JCPenney.

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