Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe with High-waisted Shorts

Get ready for summer with one of this year’s hottest trends: high-waisted shorts. Whether you need shorts for school, the beach, or just hanging out around the house, JCPenney has the style you’re looking for in an ideal fit you’ll feel as soon as you try them on. Love the appeal of jeans, but one glance at the thermometer has you wishing for something a bit shorter? Find your favorite look with the trendy vibes of laid-back, high-waisted denim shorts. It’s summer—don’t sweat the small stuff! Pick out a fashionable pair of jean shorts and find out how easy they are to match with almost any outfit you can dream up. If you’re here for a different style, you’ll find high-waisted shorts in styles like khaki, Bermuda, twill and much more. The weather is outstanding—get out and look great while you have fun in your wardrobe’s newest addition.

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