Long Sleeve Button-down Shirts

Button-down shirts in solid colors are work wardrobe essentials. These long sleeve tops come with a sophisticated collared neck and usually one or two front pockets. They can be tucked in for formal workplaces or left loose in casual settings.

Long Sleeve Blouses

Silky blouses with long sleeves are a lovely addition to any closet. These shirts are generally lightweight and sheer so you may want to wear a tank top underneath for extra warmth and coverage. Fun, flashy blouses with embroidery details or cut-outs are ideal for a romantic date night or for a night out with friends.

Long Sleeve Graphic T-shirts

Donning a long sleeve graphic t-shirt is a great way to showcase your unique personality. These long shirts come printed with everything from words and sayings to symbols, animals, and even cartoon characters. Other graphic shirts are more abstract and feature pretty patterns. Slipping on a long sleeve graphic shirt is a quick and easy way to put together a fun, youthful outfit.

Long Sleeve Cardigans

The humble cardigan is one of the most useful items you can have in your closet. A neutral long sleeve cardigan can be layered over just about any t-shirt or tank top to create cute and cozy outfit. They'll also act as a double layer of warmth when paired with any long sleeve tops for women. Long, oversized cardigans look especially good with leggings or skinny jeans.

Long Sleeve Hoodies

Available in a variety of colors, the classic hoodie supplies a sporty, casual look that's perfect for running errands. The soft fabrics keep you feeling warm and cozy and the convenient hood offers extra protection on windy days. Some long sleeve hoodies have a zip-up front while others are pullovers. Since the weather is often unpredictable during the fall month, zip-up hoodies are especially useful for layering.

Long Sleeve Sweatshirts and Pullovers

Out of all the available types of women's long shirts, long sleeve sweatshirts and pullovers will keep you the warmest. These tops are made with thick materials to trap your body heat during cold months of the year. Pullover sweaters for women range in style from basic and elegant to casual and sporty.

Long sleeve blouses and button-down tops are usually more formal while long sleeve graphic t-shirts and hoodies are more casual. Depending on the style and color, cardigans, sweatshirts, and pullovers can be dressed up or down. Keep a wide selection of long sleeve tops in your closet to create the perfect outfits for any occasion.

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