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456 results

Get Active with Xersion Activewear

You need activewear that works just as hard as you do. Shop Xersion at JCPenney for high-performance and colorful activewear. It’s hard not to take notice of Xersion activewear thanks to the vibrant colors. With Xersion you’ll instantly standout. Neon pinks, greens, oranges and blues are just some of the colors that populate this line. All of these colors are mixed and matched together creating an activewear line that gives countless color combinations to choose from. Find the color combinations and patterns that speak to your personal style.

Now let’s talk about comfort and performance, which are two of the most important aspects of activewear. Say goodbye to chafing and stiff feeling clothes with Xersion. This line uses breathable and flexible fabrics that move with you and keep you well ventilated as you go hard in the gym. Quick-Dri shirts, shorts, and pants help to quickly whisk away sweat from your skin. Safety is a big issues when you’re outside working out. The Go Swiftly vest is exactly what you need to keep yourself safe. This cozy and stylish vest has reflective tape for nighttime visibility.

With Xersion activewear, you enjoy form, function and style. Shop our women’s department today get your hands on Xersion women’s workout clothes!