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Improve Your Wardrobe With Beautiful Plus Size Shirts

Do you feel like you have nothing exciting to wear? Freshen up your wardrobe in a flash with enticing plus size shirts from JCPenney. Find a range of choices for every need and mood. Even better, shop for them whenever it's most convenient for you using your computer or mobile device.

Take Your Pick From an Assortment of Terrific Tees

Impressively versatile, T-shirts are probably among your top casual wear picks. We have dozens of options to suit every occasion. Maybe you want a graphic tee to wear during your spin class at the gym or a three-quarter-sleeve baseball tee that's ideal for wearing to the park when you play with your toddler. Whether you prefer solid colors, eye-catching patterns, or some of both, it's simple and fun to flesh out your wardrobe with these fashion-forward options.

Many of our T-shirts feature interesting necklines, appealing fabrics with a hint of shimmer, and plenty of softness. Experiment with new styles or stick with old favorites.

Button-down Shirts Give You a Polished Look

Life is full of occasions to temporarily put aside casual wear and show that you've particularly paid attention to how you look. Get impressive results by wearing one of our plus size shirts with a button front. Sort through styles from brands such as Liz Claiborne and St. John's Bay and see how easy and rewarding it is to create new outfits that get noticed. Find a plaid button-down shirt and combine it with a beloved pair of dark blue denim jeans.

Also, discover lots of options that are ideal for the office. Find cheerful floral blouses that look fabulous with a pair of khaki dress pants or choose a cozy cardigan and emphasize a layered look by wearing a lightweight shirt under it.

Perfectly Presented Polo Shirts

Planning a barbecue at your house and inviting all the neighbors? Headed to cheer on your kids at a Little League game? Polo shirts work well for those events and many others. Wear them with jeans, shorts, or capris and enjoy how the collared style helps you look poised and ready for anything. Accessorize like a pro and wear a cuff bracelet or hoop earrings, too. Several styles in our inventory are sleeveless, so they give you the perfect excuse to try out that new bronzer.

Get Your Favorite Plus-Size Shirts Easily

Shopping shouldn't be a chore. At JCPenney, we offer two straightforward options for buying from our website. You can either choose shirts that offer same-day pickup and retrieve them from your nearest store or get your chosen items shipped to your doorstep.

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