Shop Fun, Stylish, and Sustainable Kids’ Clothes from Thereabouts

If you’re looking to update your child’s wardrobe with the latest and greatest clothing for kids, Thereabouts has exactly what you need. Available exclusively at JCPenney, Thereabouts offers fun, stylish, and relevant looks for kids – whether they’re at home, attending school, or going on playdates with friends. The designs are both thoughtful and optimistic, empowering kids to feel confident and look great in the clothes that they wear. This line of clothing is also as durable as it is comfortable, crafted with high-quality, sustainable materials that can withstand the playground and the washing machine, so you’ll be able to pass the clothes down to younger siblings, cousins, friends, or neighbors.

Size Inclusive Kids’ Clothing Has Never Looked Better

Not only is Thereabouts clothing on-trend and built to withstand daily wear and tear, but it’s also designed for every kid – no matter their size, shape, gender, or abilities. The size range is super inclusive, containing slim, regular, plus, and husky clothing sizes. Thereabouts also offers toddler sized clothing from 2T to 5T, little kid sizes from 4 to 7, and big kid sizes from 7 to 22. No matter how big or small your child is, Thereabouts will be there with the perfect size as they grow up, with bright and colorful clothing that matches their own expressive personality.

Adaptive Features Provide Ease and Comfort

Thereabouts also provides a line of adaptive clothing that is geared toward children with sensory, dexterity, and/or mobility needs. Adaptive features such as tagless clothing, elastic waistbands, pull-on loops, easy-access openings, and flat seams make it easier than ever for kids to get dressed and ready for the day – with or without your help. Thereabouts clothes are also made with super soft fabrics for extra all-day comfort, so your child can learn and play without distraction.

We believe kids should be kids, that they should be able to learn, play, and discover freely in the clothes they wear. Parents and caretakers should also have peace of mind when it comes to buying high-quality, long-lasting, inclusive kids’ clothing. Thereabouts is JCPenney’s way of helping kids and their guardians live life to the fullest in clothes they’ll love.

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